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Smart Interview: Smart Hire

  • PXT Select™ is a pre-employment screening tool that helps you select candidates and match them with the job for which they are best suited, based on their core behaviors. It offers superior selection and employee assessment tools to help organization make smarter hiring decisions by providing actionable data about the people you employee now and in the future.
  • PXT Select™ is the most versatile, sophisticated, and reliable assessment tool on the market. It measures the job-related qualities that make a person productive – Thinking and Reasoning Style, Behavioral Traits, and Occupational Interests, and identifies an individual’s strengths and weaknesses to reveal the Total Person. This assessment yields information that can be used for placement, promotion, self-improvement, coaching, succession planning, and job description development, to mention just a few applications.
  • PXT Select™ generates ten reports at no additional cost. The reports provide interview questions, coaching comments, job match information, graphs, job description, candidate description and other valuable information about a candidate or employee and his/her potential.

How It Works


A PXT™ assessment is needed for each candidate that you want to evaluate. Candidates are assessed on the following core skills:

Verbal skill and reasoning

Numerical skill and reasoning









For every candidate taking the assessment online, the employer will have access to 12 reports at no additional cost. In order to maximize the assessment’s precision with the fewest number of questions, the PXT Select™ assessment uses computerized adaptive testing (CAT) and results are available within a few hours of the candidate taking the test.

Easy to Use

PXT Select™ is conveniently administered on the internet, so you can assess employees and job candidates anywhere there is internet access. Other administration options are available on request. Results are available immediately and can be shared with decision makers in any of your company’s offices, anywhere in the world. You can retrieve any or all of the variety of PXT Select™ reports at no additional cost. Results are immediate thanks to computer technology and you get your requested reports in minutes.

The PXT Select™ Suite of Reports


PXT Select™ provides multiple reports available online providing a clear picture of a candidate’s thinking style, behaviors and interests. Each report provides its own set of data points for the hiring manager in making decisions. The Comprehensive Selection Reports provides a complete overview, addresses the question of candidate’s fit for the positions, and provides tips for how the interviewer can structure the interview to capture additional data points for the interview.

PXT Select™ Sample Reports

Comprehensive Selection Report

This report will help you evaluate one candidate for a single position. This is the most popular and most powerful report in the PXT Select™ hiring assessment toolbox.

Be more confident than ever with your hiring decisions. The report includes a summary of the candidate’s results, a range of cores that are typical for success in a given position, the candidate’s scores across verbal skills and reasoning/ numerical ability and reasoning, personalized interview questions to probe further into potential areas of concern, and tips on what to listen for during the interview process.

Multiple Positions Report

The Multiple Positions Report compares a candidate or an employee for multiple positions. This report will help you identify where a candidate will best fit within your organization.

This report includes a summary of the candidate’s results across multiple positions, range of scores that are typical for success in a given position, and the candidate’s scores across verbal skills and reasoning, numerical ability and reasoning, and more.

Performance Model Report

The Performance Model Report will help you understand the scores and the behaviors associated with the position you’re trying to fill. The model developed for the position lists the desired characteristics and traits associated with the role. This report will help you learn about the ideal candidate for that position.

This report includes desired characteristics and interests associated with a position and the ideal score ranges for each trait or style associated with the position.

Team Report

The Team Report is a very useful report that helps employers evaluate how potential candidates will fit within your team. Each team member must have completed a PXT Select™ assessment in order to be included in this report.

The Team Report includes each team member’s assessment results placed on 9 behavioral scales, team averages across various scales, and a summary and action section.

Manager-Employee Report

The Manager-Employee Report helps managers learn how they can be more effective when they’re working with their employees. The report includes a summary of the manager’s scores compared to the employee’s scores, tendencies and considerations for working together, and reflection questions to spark discussion between the manager and employee.

Individual’s Feedback Report

The Employer can share the Individual’s Feedback Report with the candidate after they’ve completed the assessment. The report includes a narrative summary of the candidate’s response and interpretation of the results.

Individual’s Graph Report

The Individual’s Graph Report provides a visual representation of the candidate’s results. Employers may share this report with the candidate after the complete the assessment. The report includes a summary of the candidate’s results and definitions of the terms contained in the report.

Coaching Report

The Coaching Report provides a deeper understanding of an employee’s thinking-style, behavioral traits and interests related to their position within your organization. The report provides an overview of coaching that might benefit the candidate.

The Coaching Report includes a summary of the employee’s results, range of scores that are typical for success in their current position, the employee’s scores across verbal skills and reasoning, and numerical ability and reasoning, plus management tips.

Leadership Report

This report is designed to shed light on a candidate’s leadership potential and provide insight into how the individual might confront the complexities of a leadership role. It helps hiring managers understand how a candidate leads by providing insight into how an individual’s cognitive and behavioral traits and interests can affect their potential as a leader. In addition to selection, this report can also be used in coaching or development context.

Sales: Individual’s Feedback Report

This report gives feedback directly to the candidate in narrative form. Unlike the other Individual’s Feedback Report, it uses sales-related language throughout the report.

Sales: Comprehensive Selection Report

This is the primary report used for selection of sales positions. It differs from the Comprehensive Selection Report in that it includes a section on Critical Sales Practices and also incorporates sales-related language throughout the report.

Sales: Coaching Report

This Coaching Report contains an individual’s assessment results as well as coaching tips about how he or she may approach different aspects of a sales position. It uses sales-related language throughout the report.

Introduction to PAC (Partner Access Center)

The Profiles Assessment Center (PAC) is an interactive website which allows users to manage their Wiley products online. In the PAC, users schedule and manage assessments, create Performance Models, manage meter availability, and much more.

As a client of NexaLearning, our “Pilot 2 Select” Program includes access to all your assessments and reports from within PAC. The currency used in PAC is called a Meter. A Meter is consumed when a PXT Select™ assessment is scored. Clients may send assessment invitations to candidates, but Meters are only used when assessments are completed by candidates. In order to run the reports that include more than one person, a Meter is required for each individual in the report.

PXT Select Usage in Talent Management

PXT Select™ is an assessment based on over 20 years of research and can provide organizations with a fuller picture of candidates. It provides the hiring individual with the insight into a candidate’s cognitive abilities, behavioral traits and interests, including tips about the candidate’s potential job fit. Each position can be benchmarked to your specific requirement to help maximize a good job fit. PXT Select™ can also compare multiple candidates to one position or one candidate to multiple positions, again benchmarked to the specific position. The PXT Select™ enables the manager to properly identify training needs and offer suggestions for each individual, coach employees where needed, identify who is promotable, compare manager and their employees to ensure compatibility and increase performance, and much more!

As an authorized partner of PXT Select,  NexaLearning has utilized PXT Select and Profile XT along with a suite of other solutions for organizational needs such as:

  • Pre-employment evaluation
  • Job Matching
  • Customer Service
  • Employee Retention
  • Team Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Resolving Workplace Conflict
  • Succession Planning

* PXT™ is a registered trademark of John Wiley and Sons, Inc. or its affiliated companies.

PXT Select™ satisfies requirements of the EEOC, the ADA, the DOL, and the Civil Rights Act. It was designed and developed to be specifically job-related and has been validated in accordance with American Psychological Association standards. The PXT Select™ is validated to be Age-blind, Gender-blind, and Ethnicity-blind. It measures only those factors relevant to selecting the best people to fit the requirements of specific jobs.

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