Gráinne Sibley

Executive Coach

Gráinne Sibley
Gráinne has over 20 years’ multidisciplinary experience serving and leading senior professionals in high stakes, decentralized, and complex environments. She facilitates individual and group creativity, strategy, and problem solving by harnessing productive discomfort. Credibility matters, and Gráinne earns the trust of her clients by having firsthand senior leadership experience that informs each of her coaching inquiries and processes.

A firm believer in the integrative approach, she has consistently sought out positions to broaden her technical and interpersonal skills and exposure and has held a variety of tactical, strategic, functional, mission operations, and geographically diverse positions throughout her career. By studying productive discomfort, she learned firsthand how to embody confidence and harness vulnerability and urgency to drive collaboration, outcomes, and consequence. In addition to serving in multiple leadership positions with global implications,

Gráinne has simultaneously served as an expert Strategic Organizational Facilitator and an Executive Leadership Coach. She partners with Clients to design and deliver custom group, leadership, and professional development programs and services focusing on trust, collaboration, developing new insights, and driving tangible outcomes. Her diverse toolkit is enhanced by her ability to understand when and how to employ the right techniques to manage conflict, align strategic direction, drive solutions, and strengthen intact and cross-functional teams.

She enjoys coaching on executive presence, conflict resolution, the parts of leadership that are “messy and complex,” overall wellbeing, boundaries, and balance. Gráinne has been certified by the International Coaching Federation since 2007 and maintains advanced certifications in several 360 and personality assessment tools.