Encouraging Innovation in Teams

Successful team members don’t do the same thing at the same time. They do the right thing at the right time.

While team members work together toward a common goal, individuals still
must play their individual role in the process.

Encouraging Innovation in Teams

As organizations rely more and more on teams to innovate and problem solve, clearly understanding and capitalizing on individual approaches to group processes is the bottom line on creating high-performance teams. Program Length: 3 Hours

Major Topics

  • Why innovation is a process, not an event
  • The importance of each role identified in the Team Dimensions Profile®
  • How the understanding of team roles with the “Z Process” can get teams moving forward quickly to enhance innovation
  • How understanding team roles can help to solve problems and deal with change

About the Assessment

Each participant in this program shall receive a Team Dimensions Profile® to help identify one’s own personal preference towards 5 key roles in team performance. Those roles are:

  • Creator
  • Advancer
  • Refiner
  • Executor
  • Flexor

During this Program, Participants Can Expect to:

  • Learn the five different roles within teams and the diversity of inherent talents each role brings to the team
  • Understand their natural team roles
  • Recognize how to use their innate strengths to contribute maximally to a team
  • Identify how to efficiently tap into their underutilized natural strengths in daily activities
  • Discover activities that don’t fall within their preferred role, and recognize that these activities may cause stress
  • Uncover the strengths and limitations of their team, based on the distribution of team talents within
  • Create action plans to reduce individual and team stress and increase team productivity by tapping into the natural talents of the individuals on their team

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