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Foundations of Leadership Program

Provide Leadership Training that Makes a Long-Lasting Impact.


This two-day program helps transform ordinary managers into extraordinary leaders. It develops the key fundamental skills every leader needs to generate passion and productivity on their team. There is also a comprehensive follow-up process after the class. This includes progress reviews, reinforcement newsletters, and various other activities aimed at sustaining and enhancing learning outcomes.

Foundations of Leadership: About This Course

What You’ll Learn


Extraordinary leaders can bring a company’s vision boldly to life. We can help you become one. You’ll walk away with practical, easy to implement tools and techniques, and a new sense of possibility and purpose.

You will discover:

  • What is the most effective leadership approach to get long-term, lasting spikes in productivity.
  • How to adapt your approach to the varying levels of willingness and ability of each team member.
  • Which communication skills have the greatest impact when used on a daily basis.
  • How to coach an employee to take more ownership of their performance.

You’ll Learn the Answer to These Questions

  1. What are the diverse needs of each team member’s style?
  2. How can I best coach throughout the year to ensure my team is achieving their annual goals?
  3. How do I tend to approach conflict and which approach is best in each situation?
  4. What is important to do while leading others through any kind of change?
  5. How can I make sure to consistently apply the skills I’ve learned on the job?

What You’ll Get: Participant Material


This two-day, in-person training is an immersive training experience built to ignite passion and productivity in your workforce. Each participant in the Foundations of Leadership Program receives the following:

What You’ll Get: Program Follow-Up


Ninety-six percent of our attendees feel the program was worthy of the time invested. Over 80% are still applying the skills they learned a year later. A significant contributor to the high marks is that we believe learning is a process, and not a single event. Here’s what happens when you leave the classroom!

You’ll continue to learn with:

  • Progress Review Survey 30 Days Post Class

30 days after the live class you’ll receive a survey to measure what was learned and what was retained.

  • Reinforcement Newsletter Every Two Months

Receive tips in your inbox every two months for a year!

  • Follow-Up Evaluation in 6 Months

Six months after the live course we’ll follow-up to evaluate and measure your progress.


What You’ll Get X2: More Learning!


  • Live Instructor-Led Webinars

You’ll have access to two live instructor-led webinars that help reinforce best practices.

  • Self-Paced Review Course

You’ll receive a self-paced review course to ensure you absorb the training.

What participants say about this program:


Director of Organizational
Development at Energy Transfer


Simon & Schuster


HR Senior Service Consultant
Global Talent Delivery at SAP

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