Scott Brown

Senior Consultant

Scott BrownPrior to becoming a consultant, Scott spent 20 years in the government sector, beginning as an active-duty United States Marine and ending as the Director of the Law Enforcement Instructor Training Program for the NC Department of Justice. During his uniformed service, he learned to quickly assess situations, make decisions, and move to action. That bias toward action shows up in his work today as he helps leaders simplify their assessment process so they can make critical decisions and move to action quickly to get those short-term wins that are so important to long-term change.

Since leaving government service, Scott has helped build world-class cultures in dozens of manufacturing plants, at a top-tier business school, and in small to mid-sized companies spanning several industries; he has worked with companies that were months old and that are over 100 years old; he has worked in 13 countries and 17 states.

Specialties: Culture Assessments, Employee Engagement Assessments, Leadership Development, Managing Change, Building Employee Engagement & Empowerment, Training Needs Analysis, Performance Improvement Plan Design & Delivery